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31 October 2005

The Virgin Post

At first, I felt like it was a fad. A self indulgent one at that. Not to mention, at the time, it seemed to be an unlikely media darling, a slick PR vehicle. Blogging was something that was a media tool, a further obligation to listen to someone else's opinion. Then I started to read friend's blogs, I was suddenly privvy to their inner thoughts and even just what they were doing across the world (while I sat in my apt and contemplated starting a blog). And so, I have finally taken the plunge and made the commitment. In order to get around exhibit A (the self indulgent part of the blog), I have decided to simply skip telling anyone about said blog. Why yell at the rain and not tell anyone about it? Would you ask a crowd of people to stand around if you were, in fact, yelling at the rain?